Friday, December 12, 2008


There lies a conflicted silence,
This screams in the preceding violence;
I lie in the dark away from light,
Unseen untouched from the savage fight;

The earthen man has turned to stone,
Who barks and breaks innocent’s bone;
I remain hidden behind the highest cliff,
Far from the cries but lonely and just too stiff;

The water reflects the reddish color,
This sends a smell intolerable ever;
I sleep safely in the house boat,
Unnoticed from the sunken eyes afloat;

The earth has stopped absorbing water,
As it is filled with bloody disaster;
I just fly in the crafty vehicle,
Leaving down the things in the vicious cycle;

Every thing has been damaged over,
Is there anyone to resolve it ever?
No one else but I have to come in front,
Peeping from the window would not confront;

Whosoever stands at the back?
Let’s come in front and leave the rack;
Without our efforts the branch will remain lean,
Without the sunlight the leaves will not turn green.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Night Before Dawn

Lo! The night hath come,
The darkness thou can’t overcome;
The Sun is far from us,
With the moon lit in fuss;

Stars smile at ye infinity,
Placed in the sky with dignity;
Alas! Ye can’t cross the heavenly border,
Its human limit, even thou try harder;

The silent silence grows there,
Thou can’t hear is it where?
It crouches over you and dangling over,
The sparking thunder sends a quiver;

The tone of air is nay fair,
It flows over you layer by layer;
Cometh with it the damp flavor,
Rosen over the shady plant of clover;

The tiptop sound hummed with rider,
Ye get feared with sudden snider;
Hath he come with several purposes?
And he rode when time surpasses;

The cosmos lay at the previous spot,
What ye have done with a time a lot;
Just watching the blazing asteroids in lawn,
Waiting for nothing but the dusky dawn.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


With a flower in her hand, she walked aside,
Whistling a tune, I walked beside;
With a glance at me she rolled her eyes,
I saw here n there and in the skies;

Caught my attention the blue eyes,
Deep as ocean and big in size;
Struck I was at the place,
She smiled at me with a solace;

I gave my hands in her hands,
I landed in the smooth and crazy lands;
With the same rhyme we went ahead,
Her fragrance sent me to paradise instead;

Speechless I was with a little shy,
How could I, offer her to fly;
With a four letter word in my eye,
Could I take her so much high?

I was just dipped in my tension,
Hazel hairs n her velvet voice caught my attention;
“I want to say that I love you”, said she,
Hearing that first I thought to flee;

Nothing I replied but cuddled more her hands,
I embraced her firmly just like strands;
Then, we went across the oceans where the love prevailed,
And with firmness n calmness our ship just sailed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even If......

Even if the tears come to an end,
And the life is all whole spend;
I will wait for you till the winter falls,
And again try to catch your glimpse with my calls;

Even if the road has taken a turn,
Towards a never ending way of fire with burn;
I will wait for showers of cool water,
Flowing before me with a spatter;

Even if the leaves of the tree has dried away,
And the branches cry night and day;
I will wait for the tree to be green again,
And the barren fields to be filled with grain;

Even if the wind is at its best,
With the possibility of survival the smallest;
I will wait for the air to be calm,
Blowing in the pink evening’s palm;

Even if there are thousand of nights in series,
And there are kept aside me, many worries;
I will wait for that one sunrise,
Which will glorify the coming night’s skies;

Yes I know there is nothing beyond even if,
So as you also know it’s the highest cliff;
"I will wait", is the best pledge,
As, "Even if", is its limiting edge.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Man on the Sand

Daily, in afternoon when I go for prayer,
I see a man lying on the sand bare;
He seems a clear victim of tiredness,
With his loose body lost in sleepiness;

He has a green color shirt on his body,
And a white turban like a head with eddy;
With an unshaven beard loosen to grow,
Covering his face like a black color of crow;

The dust and smoke of the vehicles touch him,
They add to the sand and reach its brim;
The noise as usual howls around,
With a crazy tone and bitter sound;

When I return from the prayer he still sleeps,
In the bed of sand with long leaps;
I never see him awake on the sand,
He always rests in his own dream land.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Girl down the Hill

Down the hill there plays a girl,
Outside a little cottage with her hairs curl;
Her skin color is chocolate brown,
Suits her white frock from up to down;

Her teeth spark behind her lips,
Through which her sweet voice slips;
The nose is just small and round,
Which she pinches with a nosy sound;

She rolls her eyes between the closed eyelids,
And jumps on her little feet like tiny kids;
Clapping her hands on each other,
Lost in her girlhood with nothing to bother;

Her cheeks are soft and very chubby,
Which others press with some scrubby;
She tries to beat others with her little hands,
When they tease her outside the cottage lands;

When she tires and gives her guts,
From the outsiders which behave as nuts;
She screams and calls her only father,
And I run from my cottage to behold my daughter.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Many like money,
And some like honey;
All like diamonds,
But few like almonds;

The way of life is like such,
With values aside and money kept much;
Deriving income is the goal of future,
Surviving on sources is the law of nature;

New things are sold,
But the olds are gold;
The time flashes back,
And water splashes on the rack;

For some its good relations forever,
And some like good food ending never;
Crowd is full of people who like racing bikes,
Many are those who live for salary hikes;

See the universe full of likes and dislikes,
Let’s follow our choice and keep aside spikes;
The values have become dull and they fly like feather,
Let’s pay them importance and fill them with heather.


Why not wear a shirt with broad collars,
With a low waist jeans of million dollars;

Why not the ties have some designs,
Just like flowers, circles and lines.

Why not cover the waist with belt,
Slippery, shiny and smooth its felt;

Why not the cap covers the hair,
And the person looks tall and fair;

Why not the fingers hold the rings,
With golden touch and diamond it sings;

Why not the shirt in and the T-shirt out,
You can be funky or be a scout;

Common, common lets go for this attire
Just bother nothing and follow your desire.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Prayer

One night, when I was going to sleep,
The time was moving fast with a leap;
I turned the lamp off and everywhere it was dark,
But some light was coming from my son’s room with a spark;

I quietly walked to know the matter,
I never knew what will I see latter;
Nearing the room, I heard some voice,
I peeped through the door with no other choice;

I saw my five year son on the praying carpet,
Last week which I bought from the market;
He was joining his hands and praying to God,
And asking something from the almighty Lord;

“Oh! God please make me like my father,
Strong, powerful and caring for ever;
He who made my wishes come true,
Holding my hands in his hue”;

I saw his cheeks full of watery drops,
In the yellow light and pearly tops;
I thought a little and closed the door,
I walked back on the wetted floor;

I went to my room and sat on the praying carpet,
I joined my hands with my prayer favorite;
“Oh! God please make me like my son,
Innocent, caring and lovely than anyone”.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Questions

In my mind,
Left, Right and behind;
There lay some questions,
Unasked, unanswered expressions;

Different images they form,
But they need some reform;
Like some traditions lurking,
And they need some working;

Like a lost soul on the moon,
To find the earths route very soon;
By defying its gravity,
Crossing the orbital cavity;

I realize my self as an unknown,
To the world and to me like a clone;
The original has been left on stars,
To leave me with so many scars;

The mawkish voice seems to be flowing,
It makes other waveforms just as blowing;
In my courtyard and the garden trees,
They surround it like trillion honey bees;

The last-which comes after all,
With rather some more confusions to recall;
These questions will live till eternity,
And the answers lie and smile at infinity

Monday, August 18, 2008

Horse and the Beggar

The night rose and the evening departed,
The silence grew and the darkness started;
There lay a beggar with his bowl,
The street lighted yellow without any soul;

To some distance there stood a horse,
It was his luck or was a mores;
His neck was tied with a rope to the pole,
And he just thought about his role;

The wind blew the beggar’s bowl,
It reached to the horse with a howl;
The beggar just opened his eyes,
And the horse just lifted his head likewise;

The horse touched the bowl with his mouth,
The beggar looked him from the south;
Horse didn’t find anything for his empty belly,
His eyes were filled with a teary jelly;

The beggar rose from his place,
He went somewhere and emptied the space;
To leave all alone the scarlet horse,
In the sleazy night which changed it’s course;

The night reached its ultimate brim,
By traveling over the time’s shining rim;
It was waiting to fall in eternity,
To leave everyone in its fraternity;

At last, before dawn, the beggar returned,
With horse bean in his hand and some concerned;
“Eat my dear as hungry you are”,
“I have brought this for you from too much far”;

The beggar said, and patted his head,
The smitten horse ate his daily bread;
The horse thanked him with his eyes,
The beggar seemed to him as angel in disguise;

After the dinner, the horse offered him a ride,
Just to gallop with him on the street road wide;
The beggar accepted his offer and occupied his back,
To see the long and grayish track;

Today also, when the night is dark,
And the street light is yellow without any spark;
You can find the lying beggar and the standing horse,
In the streets of loneliness, without any remorse

Saturday, August 2, 2008


(I have written this poetry for Imran Bhai. He suggested me to write a poetry for him on this topic. Many things and aspects could be covered on this topic, but time didn't permitted me so. Hope in future I could write some more on this topic.)

Though we don’t know much,
But the saying goes as such;
The God said-be and it was,
And further it went to be nature’s laws;

Life as they say,
Is the God’s creation in his way;
Science and religion have different perspective,
But let them converge to a same objective;

Although defining life is tough,
But its differences from other can be marked enough;
They gave many definitions,
But all lacked on unequivocal conditions;

Many say how life is going on,
It leads to a huge man from a small baby born;
Some say blinking of eyes is life,
And it becomes worst if some get beating from his wife;

I have heard people say,
That life is a journey in its way;
When the way ends at last,
The life goes somewhere so fast;

Sad man say’s-Life is happiness,
And happy man say’s – Life is not sadness,
So they never reach a conclusion,
And they ever lived in delusion;

So, let’s define it in our own way,
Don’t care what others say;
For some it may be even and for some odd,
But I think Life is a beautiful Gift of God.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Rainy Campaign

Little little there is rain,
All my efforts are in vain;
Water flows in the lane,
I see the people walking in pain;

The water splashes with a stain,
From great height energy it gain,
It falls on us like needles of chain;
I ride my bike with a strain;

Many people have complain,
The rains delay flights of plane;
They also hamper the tracks of train,
The fallen trees are lifted with crane;

The water slips over the terrain,
I saw them when I was in Ukraine;
At some places it is beneficial for grain,
But what to do if Iam in Bahrain;

Gradually it has affected my brain,
It has made me fully insane;
As if I have drunk much champagne,
To lost my control really certain;

I have ceased everything to attain,
There is no one here to explain;
I wanted to reach the destination main,
Now I want to go to Spain;

But there it was really difficult to sustain,
I returned back to India’s fountain;
To see the water falls of mountain,
Like this in last I ended my campaign.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miss You

I remember the day,
When I was in my way;
You just came along,
With a friendship too strong;

I passed my joyous moments with you,
After the lunch and some times before too;
I would always remember the things,
From our walks and talks just like strings;

I would appreciate the values which you believed,
Without any flaw and a lot relieved;
They were really true if so followed,
Nothing matters if the society had swallowed;

Very less people I have found,
To do such discussions with a good sound;
You were person among them and those,
Who could understand my feelings too close;

But now it may not happen like this,
Because you are leaving at a time of bliss;
I would remember you always in my talks,
But I will miss you in the long walks.

The Girl with Sack

Let’s go many years back,
When I saw a little girl with a sack;
She collected the junk items under the bridge,
When the sun was trying to hide behind the ridge;

The evening was blue with pink shades,
But her clothes were dirty with much fades;
The air was cool with pleasant smell,
And her hairs were messed so much well;

She didn’t cared about the people in the locality,
Who gazed her with disgust and humility;
She walked on her bare foots from place to place,
To fill the large sack’s empty space;

After sometime her search was complete,
With this the evening’s light was on deplete;
She started following a particular way,
What was her destination no one could say;

She reached a junk yard to give her collection,
One could see her face with mere satisfaction;
Then she took her job’s money,
She ran to her dwelling as bee to honey;

She picked all her money to reach a shop,
I reached near her and took a stop;
She gave her money and pointed something,
As I saw it was a silver earring;

Shopkeeper counted the money and it was less,
Her face developed a little stress;
She stretched her hands to take back the coins,
With this her confidence broke into infinite lines;

I could not bare the situation and the phase,
And gave him extra money required for the purchase;
The seller kept the earrings in her hand,
With this she was in the heavens land;

She smiled at me with such happiness,
Beholding me with her ultimate gladness;
She wore the rings in her ears,
And she blinked her eyes with little tears;

Today also I remember that picture,
When I pass through that bridge without lusture;
I search that girl with utmost caring,
With a sack on her back and silver earring.

Friday, July 11, 2008


One day on return,
To the land of Saturn;
I stepped from shuttle with the thoughts along,
Just then there I heard a beautiful song;

It came far from the ice mountain behind,
The voice was sweet and one of its kind;
It removed sorrow from the grass,
It made sun shining like metal of brass;

The singer was a fairy or was a girl,
She traveled between the ice of whirl;
The surrounding temperature was very low,
All things stopped with nothing in flow;

The dress looked white,
With the golden stripe;
The hairs were black with ribbons yellow,
The steps were quiet and every thing was mellow;

I tried to capture the scene and the song,
Running behind her with the camera for long;
She passed away like a smooth breeze,
I stayed away with a shock and freeze;

Some how I managed getting to her nearer,
To see in her eyes blue and clearer;
They were deep and blinked with slow motion,
I felt as like falling in the Empty Ocean;

Soon after I asked her name,
She starred me like a burning flame;
The name was rhea and she was a moon,
She just replied in a beautiful tune;

Just then the Iceland below me cracked,
It seemed that some alien has attacked;
I fell in the water with ice and cold,
Some how I kept my breath on a hold;

I rushed to the shuttle with a speed of light,
I started the engine for the flight;
The vehicle somehow escaped the gravity,
All things were left behind in the cavity;

Today from earth when I look the Saturn,
I always find Rhea with a lantern;
She smiles and shines as beautiful as flame,
Faultless, blameless with a heavenly name.

The War

Long ago some groups had a war,
The consequences were fierce & effects reached far;
Why did it happen & what was the cause,
The trees were cut with a number of saws;

The dust was mixed with horses galloping around,
The scene was terrible with fearful sound;
The blood was soaked in the thirsty sand,
The red color covered the holy land;

The agony played within a deep profound,
The enemies chased them with the hound;
Water took the shape of sorrow,
Eyes gave her tears to the arrow;

Two groups were there or were three,
Nothing matter what the effect would be;
They have to fight and kill the others,
Nothing matters and nobody bothers;

The sword is shining in the sun,
Zigzag motion making with a run;
Slipping in the body without an obstruction,
Playing with humanity with human destruction;

They killed three and we killed four,
Let’s count the number with a sour;
We will win & we would win,
Let the humanity be in the bin;

The trembling lips cried for water,
No one was there now to shatter;
The deadly pain replaced the thirst,
Conditions became more and more worst;

Now the same thought came to mind,
What was the purpose left behind?
Why the humanity had a war,
Why didn’t they thought so much far?

I Got It

I was walking on the way,
With a rhythm you can say;
Many steps were fast,
But some longed last;

Some thing was going in the mind,
With no reason behind;
I thought to think about it later,
And I just aborted the matter;

Far I saw a tree covered with flowers,
I walked to get it nearer for hours;
More the steps I took ahead,
Far the tree went on the paths which lead;

It was evening and the light was less,
But I walked on the path with the God’s bless;
The sun was hiding from the night,
The dark started eating the evenings bright;

The whole atmosphere was on a change,
All the things went out of range;
The tree had gone out of the sight,
I forgot what is wrong & what is right;

I continued my journey with a hope,
To reach the tree down the slope;
After long time I saw a hut with lamp,
First I thought it contained a vamp;

I peeped through the hut and saw a man,
He laid beside with a plastic fan;
I asked him if I can sleep there,
He said yes, and asked me I came from where;

I fell asleep and lost in dreams,
While sleeping I walked in earth realms;
The morning came with birds chirping,
The orange sun opened my eyes with caring;

I found myself on the flower bed,
I saw the tree branches above my eyes and head;
The flowers were blue green and red,
The smell was nice and the fragrance spread;

I asked myself where the man has gone,
Has he sown the tree seeds in night and beyond;
How fast the tree got its size,
Is thinking like this is really wise;

Then a sound came from the tree,
I was the old man in night you see;
In the night I help those who have lost their ways,
And in the morning I become a tree full of shades.

Lets Do It

Let’s have a talk,
With stars and moon;
Just whistle and walk,
With the sunlit noon;

Let’s take a halt,
Under the trees in June;
Just sit on the cart,
And play with the mobile phone;

Let’s taste the salt,
And say ok is the food;
Just lessen the fault,
And be faultless soon;

Let’s go to the field,
With bat and the ball;
Just bring the shield,
And keep it in the hall;

Let’s plough the land,
With hope in mind;
Just remove the sand,
Blowing it far behind;

Let’s do it,
With no excuses & sorry;
Just gather the wit;
And there’s nothing left to worry.


Oh! Dear gimme a kiss,
Far away from a place with bliss;
It will fly in sky and come,
All hurdles it would overcome;

It will land and touch my lips,
Like a honey with sweet sips;
It would have fragrance of Lilly,
But some time it would make me silly;

I will ask why you are here,
Don’t you have a little bit fear;
Have you come with special purpose,
Or brought something for me just tremendous;

In the end it will answer one word,
Oh! My dear in this whole world;
I have brought a message of dove,
Iam nothing but a symbol of love.


I know you would be there,
Within me in my heart I go where ever;
From misty grasses to thorny deserts,
I would perish in your silent concerts;

Next would be the shining sky,
Where you would assist me to fly;
The feathers just grayish white,
Crossing the clouds at distant height;

The sea just looks so much silent,
The weather may turn it angry and violent;
I would firmly sail my ships across,
With you I know there would be no loss;

You are the green leaf and I am a mist drop,
Don’t let me go like a slippery flop;
I would cover myself with your greens,
To camouflage me in the beautiful scenes;

I want to be the particle of the dust,
You be the wind of utmost trust;
Just drop me on the cushions of sand;
So that I can be the part of this mighty land;

More over there could be any possibility;
But I well know also my responsibility;
Please don’t forget me any where any time;
Just like a poem with a beautiful rhyme.

Life of Desire

Come let’s live a life of desire,
With thoughts in mind burning like fire;
No one to stop and nothing to bother,
With long leaps across the mountains farther;

The ice would melt into flowing water,
Just free the vapors and their zigzag laughter;
They will return and definitely we would enjoy,
With drops of happiness and showers of joy;

Let’s drop into waters of sea and lake,
Just go through it and make fishes awake;
They will smile as beautiful as flowers,
With small fins moving along with their lovers;

Just catch a bird and ask for a fly,
Riding on her back in the bluish sky;
Then land on the cloud made of vapor,
And come down with it like a falling paper;

Re mould all the rules with new regulations,
Let’s make many amendments with major corrections;
Just follow what is right and leave the wrong,
One day it would happen with determination too strong;

The things would go smooth with people happy,
The happiness would play in their lappy;
They all would lead a life of desire,
With their life as bright as sapphire.

The Frghtening Night

The frightening night has come,
To make the murderer welcome;

The Breeze is blowing over the trees,
The fierce sound travels from head to knees;

The moon is lit under the cloud,
The shadow descends with a loud;

The district road is clear,
With no one and no body there;

The mansion looked like ghost,
The trembling moon light made the situation worst;

The night changed its destination,
The mansion people slept with confirmation;

Let the chaotic events get started,
With this the moving time gets retarded;

A loud scream came from some where,
All the people lost there dreams here and there.

Back to Home

I was returning back to my home,
In a wet drenching afternoon;
It was a long tour with a roam,
Of about forty days without monsoon;

In between the hot air blew,
Taking away the wetness all along;
The tress were waiting for the dew,
But I walked ahead for one hour long;

The bag was heavy with muscles stretched,
The head was down with my destiny ahead;
I walked on the line which was sketched,
On the road of distress with dryness spread;

Last I reached the front of my gate,
Half open and half closed was its state;
Dry Gulmohar leaves welcomed the mate,
With a sashay I entered my estate;

The dry leaves came in my way,
To make sound full of complains;
The door just stood with nothing to say,
The plants quenched with thirst waiting for rains;

I took the key and entered the lock,
To enter the house with a low sound;
To my goodness I was on a shock,
The whole house cried with a wound;

The black dust covered the floor,
The spider’s web blocked the way;
The damp smell danced with a roll,
The atmosphere was worst to say;

I was astonished to see sparrows nest,
It was hung on the fan’s blade;
The birds built their home at their best,
They dropped me in trouble with their eggs laid;

I walked forward to get more surprises,
Just turned around to see kitchen’s extremes;
I thought to make many compromises,
When I saw nothing in streams;

I was frightened to see red blood on the floor,
To my surprise it was only wine red;
The monkeys just played their role;
And after playing their game they just fled;

The plates were thrown all here and there,
The bird’s feathers were floating all over;
The fungus built on the left bread layer by layer,
Nothing was at its place and time passed slower;

I kept my hands on my head,
To think what to do and how to do;
With end of the tour what time had lead;
The whole house was caught in the flu.

Just then I heard a droplet falling,
It was the first drop of rain;
Along with it came other droplets sailing,
They all gathered outside the lane;

I forgot every thing and went to dance,
In the outside rain with the showers on;
It was just like a cool romance,
And with this all my tension had gone.

One Reason to Live

What is this world where I have landed,
One has to suffer for others happiness,
Many reasons I have in my mind,
But they don’t give the answer which I demanded.

One works for living,
Others live for working;
The things just follow a vicious circle,
With no start and never ending.

The world heads towards development,
It never stops and runs with time;
Will there be an end and what will be the end,
One can just watch and wait for the moment.

Any thing comes into existence because it has to end,
This is the statement of fake intellectuals;
Just a flowery statement of words,
Lacking in logic, leaving the iron rod unbend.

Some try to make us realized,
See, how beautiful is the world;
I see, beauty in the twinkling lifeless stars,
And the word beauty just gets commercialized.

Discussions go on with some reasons for long,
But the shore is still dry with mud;
The clear water is in need,
Though it would bring some salt along.

I am in search for the reason which I would believe,
The reason which is absolute with no relativity;
I would always admire and search the person,
Who gives me only one & one reason to live.

The Rain

Tiny droplets fall in the eyes,
Almost equal and some varying in size;

Here they come with a loafy sight,
Lets see them falling from a height;

Silently they come and often with thunder,
Why they come really I wonder;

In the black nights sometimes they come,
Drizzling morning are really awesome;

In the sun they make a spectrum,
With a rainbow they make us welcome;

Falling on the ground they make a stream,
They form a waterfall in my dream;

Green grass of ground are mixed with water,
The football players make them shatter;

Enriching lives to plants & agriculture,
With their water they give them lusture;

They make us assume with their sound,
When they touch the holy ground;

Gift of God it’s really such,
It gives a smooth & pleasant touch;

Let’s pray to God for such a rain,
Joining our hands will never go in vain.

The Golden Band

In the way to my home whistling & singing,
I saw an object sparkling & glittering;
I tried to hold it in my hand,
To my surprise it was a golden band;

It enlightened not only me, but also the way,
It removed all darkness, if truly I say;
The starting was no where and the end was far,
It seemed as never ending tune of guitar;

It was only an imagination as it seemed,
I was in unreality very much indeed;
I pinched my skin to find what that was,
I felt the pain & little it was;

The agony & cry of the world I heard,
The pain became more & more weird;
I saw the people dying of hunger,
I thought it was a law of nature;

The darkness started to engulf my way,
The sparkling & glittering band went away;
I ran away to find that band,
Some time later I reached the cottage of sand;

That band was inside that lonely cottage,
Like a ship surrounded by sea in a voyage;
The wind was blowing with a mild rain,
But on its extreme was the pain;

I closed my eyes and prayed to God,
Oh! Give me strength O my lord;
I want that band as so effective it was,
Without the band the battle would be lost;

I heard Good God saying to me,
If you want I would let the band free;
But the band will spark now no more,
As the golden ship has lost its shore;

He said there are thousands of bands on your hand,
If you want you can turn them into golden bands;
All you need is the determination & will,
With those things you can climb a golden hill;

I realized very much my fault,
Now my will would never take a halt;
I saw my hand covered by number of sparkling golden bands;
To enlighten the opportunity of lands.

On the Way to Destiny

One tries to write that he is right,
But the paper is white and the ink is light;

One tries to get the real delight,
By searching the truth lying beside;

Though the way is long with sorrows at night,
But he will reach the destination at height;

The trees are green left & right in line,
But they follow a little curved spline;

The time runs fast and clock shows nine,
The fierce animals activate ready for a fight;

The air blows slowly with every thing fine,
Something strange may happen; the heart is in fright;

The sound is mixed with such a hype,
He will reach the place, may be or might;

The eyes are red with fear at site,
But eyes have nothing like such in sight.

Long after moon came with light,
The path was clear & he became a knight;

The destination was reached with every thing finalized,
And he held the cup with a great sigh.

The Call

One day, I heard a call from east,
But I didn’t bother to hear it at least;

The call traveled and echoed till west,
It called me again with a request;

I thought about the importance of the call,
It might be big or may be small;

I walked to east to listen the voice,
As I was left with no other choice;

As I approached, the call became prominent,
It was surrounded by a light which was dominant;

The call told that it was me minus the sins,
Other wise we both were twins;

I started counting my sins one by one,
It reached to infinity and weighed many ton;

I realized that the heart was covered by black dots,
The dots were sins and they counted lots;

I ran away back to the west,
With much tension and a lot stressed;

I tried to wash away the dots,
To see the clear and visible spots;

But all my effort was in vain,
I was distressed and felt the pain;

Suddenly the clock ticked nine,
And all the sins came in line;

The sins told that you could destroy us by good deed,
This is the only way indeed;

Gradually with good deeds, the sins melted away,
They were lost in the space like a spray;

I thanked the call with lot of smiles,
The call answered; keep yourself sinless even you go miles.