Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even If......

Even if the tears come to an end,
And the life is all whole spend;
I will wait for you till the winter falls,
And again try to catch your glimpse with my calls;

Even if the road has taken a turn,
Towards a never ending way of fire with burn;
I will wait for showers of cool water,
Flowing before me with a spatter;

Even if the leaves of the tree has dried away,
And the branches cry night and day;
I will wait for the tree to be green again,
And the barren fields to be filled with grain;

Even if the wind is at its best,
With the possibility of survival the smallest;
I will wait for the air to be calm,
Blowing in the pink evening’s palm;

Even if there are thousand of nights in series,
And there are kept aside me, many worries;
I will wait for that one sunrise,
Which will glorify the coming night’s skies;

Yes I know there is nothing beyond even if,
So as you also know it’s the highest cliff;
"I will wait", is the best pledge,
As, "Even if", is its limiting edge.

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