Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Questions

In my mind,
Left, Right and behind;
There lay some questions,
Unasked, unanswered expressions;

Different images they form,
But they need some reform;
Like some traditions lurking,
And they need some working;

Like a lost soul on the moon,
To find the earths route very soon;
By defying its gravity,
Crossing the orbital cavity;

I realize my self as an unknown,
To the world and to me like a clone;
The original has been left on stars,
To leave me with so many scars;

The mawkish voice seems to be flowing,
It makes other waveforms just as blowing;
In my courtyard and the garden trees,
They surround it like trillion honey bees;

The last-which comes after all,
With rather some more confusions to recall;
These questions will live till eternity,
And the answers lie and smile at infinity


PRIYANKA said...
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PRIYANKA said...

hello......i m farhan's friend. he told me to read ur blog.really i salute ur poetry n ur ideas.ur poems are really very good.i read all ur poems......they all have a hidden meaning.....such mai,i can't understand poems easily.i always feel boring when i read poems.but for the first time i find the poems interesting.They are very meaningfull.keep writing......good luck ......

Anees said...

Thank You Priyanka

Hitesh said...

Your poetry is certainly far better than your articles.

Anees said...

thanx hitesh