Friday, January 1, 2010

The Last Second

I saw the last second pausing,
In the blinking of her eyes,
I saw the last second stopping,
In falling of tears of small size,

It was the last second,
Time stopped due to that,
It was the end,
Tears dried, her eyes closed and mine opened after that,

Minute was incomplete without the last second,
The clock remained dull,
Hour was incomplete without the last second,
Both the clock hands remained lull,

I saw 59 seconds passing,
Trying to convert into minute,
She embraced me in those second’s crossings,
But left me in the last second’s cut;

It was sleep not death,
But so similar as 1 minute to 60 second,
It was laughter not wrath,
But the brain dies in both for the last second,

I asked the last second,
Why do you make minute and hour?
She answered in a second,
It’s you, not me, who make life happy or sour.