Friday, December 12, 2008


There lies a conflicted silence,
This screams in the preceding violence;
I lie in the dark away from light,
Unseen untouched from the savage fight;

The earthen man has turned to stone,
Who barks and breaks innocent’s bone;
I remain hidden behind the highest cliff,
Far from the cries but lonely and just too stiff;

The water reflects the reddish color,
This sends a smell intolerable ever;
I sleep safely in the house boat,
Unnoticed from the sunken eyes afloat;

The earth has stopped absorbing water,
As it is filled with bloody disaster;
I just fly in the crafty vehicle,
Leaving down the things in the vicious cycle;

Every thing has been damaged over,
Is there anyone to resolve it ever?
No one else but I have to come in front,
Peeping from the window would not confront;

Whosoever stands at the back?
Let’s come in front and leave the rack;
Without our efforts the branch will remain lean,
Without the sunlight the leaves will not turn green.