Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Questions

In my mind,
Left, Right and behind;
There lay some questions,
Unasked, unanswered expressions;

Different images they form,
But they need some reform;
Like some traditions lurking,
And they need some working;

Like a lost soul on the moon,
To find the earths route very soon;
By defying its gravity,
Crossing the orbital cavity;

I realize my self as an unknown,
To the world and to me like a clone;
The original has been left on stars,
To leave me with so many scars;

The mawkish voice seems to be flowing,
It makes other waveforms just as blowing;
In my courtyard and the garden trees,
They surround it like trillion honey bees;

The last-which comes after all,
With rather some more confusions to recall;
These questions will live till eternity,
And the answers lie and smile at infinity

Monday, August 18, 2008

Horse and the Beggar

The night rose and the evening departed,
The silence grew and the darkness started;
There lay a beggar with his bowl,
The street lighted yellow without any soul;

To some distance there stood a horse,
It was his luck or was a mores;
His neck was tied with a rope to the pole,
And he just thought about his role;

The wind blew the beggar’s bowl,
It reached to the horse with a howl;
The beggar just opened his eyes,
And the horse just lifted his head likewise;

The horse touched the bowl with his mouth,
The beggar looked him from the south;
Horse didn’t find anything for his empty belly,
His eyes were filled with a teary jelly;

The beggar rose from his place,
He went somewhere and emptied the space;
To leave all alone the scarlet horse,
In the sleazy night which changed it’s course;

The night reached its ultimate brim,
By traveling over the time’s shining rim;
It was waiting to fall in eternity,
To leave everyone in its fraternity;

At last, before dawn, the beggar returned,
With horse bean in his hand and some concerned;
“Eat my dear as hungry you are”,
“I have brought this for you from too much far”;

The beggar said, and patted his head,
The smitten horse ate his daily bread;
The horse thanked him with his eyes,
The beggar seemed to him as angel in disguise;

After the dinner, the horse offered him a ride,
Just to gallop with him on the street road wide;
The beggar accepted his offer and occupied his back,
To see the long and grayish track;

Today also, when the night is dark,
And the street light is yellow without any spark;
You can find the lying beggar and the standing horse,
In the streets of loneliness, without any remorse

Saturday, August 2, 2008


(I have written this poetry for Imran Bhai. He suggested me to write a poetry for him on this topic. Many things and aspects could be covered on this topic, but time didn't permitted me so. Hope in future I could write some more on this topic.)

Though we don’t know much,
But the saying goes as such;
The God said-be and it was,
And further it went to be nature’s laws;

Life as they say,
Is the God’s creation in his way;
Science and religion have different perspective,
But let them converge to a same objective;

Although defining life is tough,
But its differences from other can be marked enough;
They gave many definitions,
But all lacked on unequivocal conditions;

Many say how life is going on,
It leads to a huge man from a small baby born;
Some say blinking of eyes is life,
And it becomes worst if some get beating from his wife;

I have heard people say,
That life is a journey in its way;
When the way ends at last,
The life goes somewhere so fast;

Sad man say’s-Life is happiness,
And happy man say’s – Life is not sadness,
So they never reach a conclusion,
And they ever lived in delusion;

So, let’s define it in our own way,
Don’t care what others say;
For some it may be even and for some odd,
But I think Life is a beautiful Gift of God.