Monday, September 15, 2008

Girl down the Hill

Down the hill there plays a girl,
Outside a little cottage with her hairs curl;
Her skin color is chocolate brown,
Suits her white frock from up to down;

Her teeth spark behind her lips,
Through which her sweet voice slips;
The nose is just small and round,
Which she pinches with a nosy sound;

She rolls her eyes between the closed eyelids,
And jumps on her little feet like tiny kids;
Clapping her hands on each other,
Lost in her girlhood with nothing to bother;

Her cheeks are soft and very chubby,
Which others press with some scrubby;
She tries to beat others with her little hands,
When they tease her outside the cottage lands;

When she tires and gives her guts,
From the outsiders which behave as nuts;
She screams and calls her only father,
And I run from my cottage to behold my daughter.

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