Friday, July 11, 2008

I Got It

I was walking on the way,
With a rhythm you can say;
Many steps were fast,
But some longed last;

Some thing was going in the mind,
With no reason behind;
I thought to think about it later,
And I just aborted the matter;

Far I saw a tree covered with flowers,
I walked to get it nearer for hours;
More the steps I took ahead,
Far the tree went on the paths which lead;

It was evening and the light was less,
But I walked on the path with the God’s bless;
The sun was hiding from the night,
The dark started eating the evenings bright;

The whole atmosphere was on a change,
All the things went out of range;
The tree had gone out of the sight,
I forgot what is wrong & what is right;

I continued my journey with a hope,
To reach the tree down the slope;
After long time I saw a hut with lamp,
First I thought it contained a vamp;

I peeped through the hut and saw a man,
He laid beside with a plastic fan;
I asked him if I can sleep there,
He said yes, and asked me I came from where;

I fell asleep and lost in dreams,
While sleeping I walked in earth realms;
The morning came with birds chirping,
The orange sun opened my eyes with caring;

I found myself on the flower bed,
I saw the tree branches above my eyes and head;
The flowers were blue green and red,
The smell was nice and the fragrance spread;

I asked myself where the man has gone,
Has he sown the tree seeds in night and beyond;
How fast the tree got its size,
Is thinking like this is really wise;

Then a sound came from the tree,
I was the old man in night you see;
In the night I help those who have lost their ways,
And in the morning I become a tree full of shades.

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