Friday, July 11, 2008

Life of Desire

Come let’s live a life of desire,
With thoughts in mind burning like fire;
No one to stop and nothing to bother,
With long leaps across the mountains farther;

The ice would melt into flowing water,
Just free the vapors and their zigzag laughter;
They will return and definitely we would enjoy,
With drops of happiness and showers of joy;

Let’s drop into waters of sea and lake,
Just go through it and make fishes awake;
They will smile as beautiful as flowers,
With small fins moving along with their lovers;

Just catch a bird and ask for a fly,
Riding on her back in the bluish sky;
Then land on the cloud made of vapor,
And come down with it like a falling paper;

Re mould all the rules with new regulations,
Let’s make many amendments with major corrections;
Just follow what is right and leave the wrong,
One day it would happen with determination too strong;

The things would go smooth with people happy,
The happiness would play in their lappy;
They all would lead a life of desire,
With their life as bright as sapphire.

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