Friday, July 11, 2008

The War

Long ago some groups had a war,
The consequences were fierce & effects reached far;
Why did it happen & what was the cause,
The trees were cut with a number of saws;

The dust was mixed with horses galloping around,
The scene was terrible with fearful sound;
The blood was soaked in the thirsty sand,
The red color covered the holy land;

The agony played within a deep profound,
The enemies chased them with the hound;
Water took the shape of sorrow,
Eyes gave her tears to the arrow;

Two groups were there or were three,
Nothing matter what the effect would be;
They have to fight and kill the others,
Nothing matters and nobody bothers;

The sword is shining in the sun,
Zigzag motion making with a run;
Slipping in the body without an obstruction,
Playing with humanity with human destruction;

They killed three and we killed four,
Let’s count the number with a sour;
We will win & we would win,
Let the humanity be in the bin;

The trembling lips cried for water,
No one was there now to shatter;
The deadly pain replaced the thirst,
Conditions became more and more worst;

Now the same thought came to mind,
What was the purpose left behind?
Why the humanity had a war,
Why didn’t they thought so much far?

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