Friday, July 11, 2008

The Rain

Tiny droplets fall in the eyes,
Almost equal and some varying in size;

Here they come with a loafy sight,
Lets see them falling from a height;

Silently they come and often with thunder,
Why they come really I wonder;

In the black nights sometimes they come,
Drizzling morning are really awesome;

In the sun they make a spectrum,
With a rainbow they make us welcome;

Falling on the ground they make a stream,
They form a waterfall in my dream;

Green grass of ground are mixed with water,
The football players make them shatter;

Enriching lives to plants & agriculture,
With their water they give them lusture;

They make us assume with their sound,
When they touch the holy ground;

Gift of God it’s really such,
It gives a smooth & pleasant touch;

Let’s pray to God for such a rain,
Joining our hands will never go in vain.

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