Monday, February 23, 2009


(..... Jaise aankhon ki debiya mein neendiya,
Aur neendiya mein meetha sa sapna;
Aur sapne mein mil jaye farishta sa koi........)
It was a junction of noon and evening,
And I was with my friends busy in playing;
The noise of the crowd was at its peak,
And we were happy as it was the end of the week;

Far from us, I saw a man,
Sitting on the rock of big span;
He just watched the playing kids,
Shaking his legs in a rhythmic rids;

Gradually the time started drifting,
The night and evening started rifting;
One by one my friends left for home,
I was left alone with the man of shining chrome;

I also thought to leave the place,
But the snow fall covered everything in space;
I fell down due to wind and cold,
I lost control and my senses rolled;

I don’t remember how much I lay,
I opened my eyes with hope in a ray;
He sat beside me on the same rock,
I could see the snow around me in flock;

There was no snow on the rock around a diameter,
It was all warm and I was in a sweater;
I smiled at him and asked if he was an angel in disguise,
He said yes, shaking his head with turban of turquoise;

“In any problem just pray God to send me to you,
And then you just call-Come Angel Come from sky blue”;
He said, and lost in the shimmering sky,
It all seemed to me as an intricate staggering lie;

But it was true and I was full of joy,
Whenever I called him, he helped the troubled boy;
With this help from God, my life became smooth,
Full of happiness and too much soothe;

One day when I was flying my kite,
It was trapped in the electric wires at site;
I called my angel again and again,
I searched for him in the lonely lane;

I was not able to see him for hours,
I was in thirst of benevolent showers;
Finally in the evening he came to me,
"I was completing an important work of God, you see";

Said he, and rescued my flying plane,
I walked with him on the road main;
“My dear, in your dreams you can see me,
But in real life I am an invisible tree;

It’s all the matter of hard work and devotion,
Your angel lies within your mind’s ocean”;
Said he, and flew across the gigantic mountains,
Erasing my heart’s darkest stains;

I woke up and still it was snowing,
Around me everything was glowing;
I stood upright and headed for my home,
With, words of an angel of shining chrome.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Yes, it’s the ink,
How dark is it, let me think;
Its color is red blue black or green,
Flowing with serenity, the marking queen;
The students fill it in the pen,
They write with it here n then;
The impression is true with splendid writing,
The letters form words with a special linking;
It flows smoothly on paper with passion,
It’s pure, humble and gentle in fashion;
Its utmost beautiful in the color pink,
Yes, it’s the ink, it’s the ink.