Friday, February 11, 2011

The Red Balloon

When my heart,
Completed beating,
Three Years,
Two Months,
One day;
An evening,
A red balloon landed,
On a red rose near me;
And before I could,
Catch it,
The rose thorns,
Kissed it;
And exploded,
A girl’s heart,
Which had taken,
The balloons form;
And had exactly beat,
Flying towards me,
Three Years,
Two Months,
One day.

Am I Dumb?

In front of mirror I stood,
And asked my image,
Can you speak?
He moved,
His lips & tongue,
And asked me the same question.
Either he was dumb or I was.

Sweetness of Adulthood

We adore,
We miss,
That sweetness,
Of the childhood days.
But when?
When we are adults,
Not when we were child.
This is the sweetness of adulthood,
That makes us realize,
The sweetness of childhood.

Friday, February 4, 2011


He peeps from his eyes,
Silently smiles,
Touches my feet,
With his feet,
Watches me,
Follows me,
With his legs,
Sometimes long,
Sometimes short,
He is dark in moon light,
And black in darkness,
His body has a uniform color,
Sometimes he scares me,
Like grumbling ghosts,
He cries,
But silently,
With tears of dry vapor,
I never understand,
Why he is with me?
But I know,
I can’t get rid of him,
He is my shadow,
And I am his wodahs.