Friday, July 11, 2008


One day on return,
To the land of Saturn;
I stepped from shuttle with the thoughts along,
Just then there I heard a beautiful song;

It came far from the ice mountain behind,
The voice was sweet and one of its kind;
It removed sorrow from the grass,
It made sun shining like metal of brass;

The singer was a fairy or was a girl,
She traveled between the ice of whirl;
The surrounding temperature was very low,
All things stopped with nothing in flow;

The dress looked white,
With the golden stripe;
The hairs were black with ribbons yellow,
The steps were quiet and every thing was mellow;

I tried to capture the scene and the song,
Running behind her with the camera for long;
She passed away like a smooth breeze,
I stayed away with a shock and freeze;

Some how I managed getting to her nearer,
To see in her eyes blue and clearer;
They were deep and blinked with slow motion,
I felt as like falling in the Empty Ocean;

Soon after I asked her name,
She starred me like a burning flame;
The name was rhea and she was a moon,
She just replied in a beautiful tune;

Just then the Iceland below me cracked,
It seemed that some alien has attacked;
I fell in the water with ice and cold,
Some how I kept my breath on a hold;

I rushed to the shuttle with a speed of light,
I started the engine for the flight;
The vehicle somehow escaped the gravity,
All things were left behind in the cavity;

Today from earth when I look the Saturn,
I always find Rhea with a lantern;
She smiles and shines as beautiful as flame,
Faultless, blameless with a heavenly name.

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