Saturday, August 2, 2008


(I have written this poetry for Imran Bhai. He suggested me to write a poetry for him on this topic. Many things and aspects could be covered on this topic, but time didn't permitted me so. Hope in future I could write some more on this topic.)

Though we don’t know much,
But the saying goes as such;
The God said-be and it was,
And further it went to be nature’s laws;

Life as they say,
Is the God’s creation in his way;
Science and religion have different perspective,
But let them converge to a same objective;

Although defining life is tough,
But its differences from other can be marked enough;
They gave many definitions,
But all lacked on unequivocal conditions;

Many say how life is going on,
It leads to a huge man from a small baby born;
Some say blinking of eyes is life,
And it becomes worst if some get beating from his wife;

I have heard people say,
That life is a journey in its way;
When the way ends at last,
The life goes somewhere so fast;

Sad man say’s-Life is happiness,
And happy man say’s – Life is not sadness,
So they never reach a conclusion,
And they ever lived in delusion;

So, let’s define it in our own way,
Don’t care what others say;
For some it may be even and for some odd,
But I think Life is a beautiful Gift of God.

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