Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Night Before Dawn

Lo! The night hath come,
The darkness thou can’t overcome;
The Sun is far from us,
With the moon lit in fuss;

Stars smile at ye infinity,
Placed in the sky with dignity;
Alas! Ye can’t cross the heavenly border,
Its human limit, even thou try harder;

The silent silence grows there,
Thou can’t hear is it where?
It crouches over you and dangling over,
The sparking thunder sends a quiver;

The tone of air is nay fair,
It flows over you layer by layer;
Cometh with it the damp flavor,
Rosen over the shady plant of clover;

The tiptop sound hummed with rider,
Ye get feared with sudden snider;
Hath he come with several purposes?
And he rode when time surpasses;

The cosmos lay at the previous spot,
What ye have done with a time a lot;
Just watching the blazing asteroids in lawn,
Waiting for nothing but the dusky dawn.

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