Friday, July 11, 2008

One Reason to Live

What is this world where I have landed,
One has to suffer for others happiness,
Many reasons I have in my mind,
But they don’t give the answer which I demanded.

One works for living,
Others live for working;
The things just follow a vicious circle,
With no start and never ending.

The world heads towards development,
It never stops and runs with time;
Will there be an end and what will be the end,
One can just watch and wait for the moment.

Any thing comes into existence because it has to end,
This is the statement of fake intellectuals;
Just a flowery statement of words,
Lacking in logic, leaving the iron rod unbend.

Some try to make us realized,
See, how beautiful is the world;
I see, beauty in the twinkling lifeless stars,
And the word beauty just gets commercialized.

Discussions go on with some reasons for long,
But the shore is still dry with mud;
The clear water is in need,
Though it would bring some salt along.

I am in search for the reason which I would believe,
The reason which is absolute with no relativity;
I would always admire and search the person,
Who gives me only one & one reason to live.

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