Thursday, November 6, 2008


With a flower in her hand, she walked aside,
Whistling a tune, I walked beside;
With a glance at me she rolled her eyes,
I saw here n there and in the skies;

Caught my attention the blue eyes,
Deep as ocean and big in size;
Struck I was at the place,
She smiled at me with a solace;

I gave my hands in her hands,
I landed in the smooth and crazy lands;
With the same rhyme we went ahead,
Her fragrance sent me to paradise instead;

Speechless I was with a little shy,
How could I, offer her to fly;
With a four letter word in my eye,
Could I take her so much high?

I was just dipped in my tension,
Hazel hairs n her velvet voice caught my attention;
“I want to say that I love you”, said she,
Hearing that first I thought to flee;

Nothing I replied but cuddled more her hands,
I embraced her firmly just like strands;
Then, we went across the oceans where the love prevailed,
And with firmness n calmness our ship just sailed.

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