Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Carpet

The green carpet,
of greenish grasses,
Due to sun’s sweat,
or cloud masses.

The greenish form of color green,
Grasses like fine velvet! Oh dear,
Holding the nature’s queen,
Fine dew crystal clear,

Small goats run,
With long ears,
Jumping randomly with fun,
Without any fears,

Wish I could be them,
Rolling with a roll,
Enjoying the color green’s gem,
With the kindred soul.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Love Cage

“Oh! Mother I love you”,
“Oh! Father I love you”;
The first love of early stage,
The innocent love of bird in a cage;

Hour by hour, the love ripen,
From sweet to sweetest, in a hyphen;
Still the first love of medium stage,
The maturing love of bird in open cage;

“Oh! Darling I love you”,
“Oh! Sweetheart I love you”;
The first love of grown stage,
The matured love of no cage;

Day by day, the love gets old,
Sweetly sourly that is gold;
The last love of grown stage,
The matured love of birdless open cage;

“Oh! Son I love you”,
“Oh! Daughter I love you”;
The last love of the last stage,
The oldest love of birdless cage.