Monday, October 10, 2016

Here in the womb!

Somewhat dark, here it is!
But there’s some glow,
More than the sacrificing sun,
That dies day by day by pouring light,
There’s a glow of our mother,
Here in the womb.
Like freshly baked cakes,
Were we, without lives,
Until, the God blessed,
And our heart beat,
Here in the womb.
What were we,
And what we are,
We owe to you,
Oh! Mother,
A cozy place you gave us,
Here in the womb.

Who Else Loves Me?

One night,
Lying on the bed,
I questioned,
Who else loves me?
Else than my family & friends.
I thought,
I blinked,
Just I felt a prick,
On my skin near the heart.
An ant kissed me,
In passion.
And many were in queue,
Not to kiss me,
But to spurt in the sweet box.
Then I realized,
They loved not me,
But the sweets.
Removing the sweet box,
I tried to trace their origin.
They emerged from,
An invisible hole in the roof,
Followed one path,
Came to ate sweets,
And returned back to the hole,
Through a different path.
I concentrated on the roof,
I found a heart on the roof,
Traced by series of ants,
And it beat too.
And then I came to know,
Who else loves me?