Friday, July 11, 2008

The Call

One day, I heard a call from east,
But I didn’t bother to hear it at least;

The call traveled and echoed till west,
It called me again with a request;

I thought about the importance of the call,
It might be big or may be small;

I walked to east to listen the voice,
As I was left with no other choice;

As I approached, the call became prominent,
It was surrounded by a light which was dominant;

The call told that it was me minus the sins,
Other wise we both were twins;

I started counting my sins one by one,
It reached to infinity and weighed many ton;

I realized that the heart was covered by black dots,
The dots were sins and they counted lots;

I ran away back to the west,
With much tension and a lot stressed;

I tried to wash away the dots,
To see the clear and visible spots;

But all my effort was in vain,
I was distressed and felt the pain;

Suddenly the clock ticked nine,
And all the sins came in line;

The sins told that you could destroy us by good deed,
This is the only way indeed;

Gradually with good deeds, the sins melted away,
They were lost in the space like a spray;

I thanked the call with lot of smiles,
The call answered; keep yourself sinless even you go miles.

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afroz said...

i like this very much .