Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Eyes

Off course……Your eyes,
Really...really big in size;
Like one of a baby dear,
Running far- n- then coming near;

Sometimes hazel,
So cool- n- well;
Many times blue,
My sight sticks like glue;

The flowing air,
Vibrating your eyelids,
Up-n- down jumping like kids;

The moon-n-star,
In your eyes deep-n-far;
The planets-n-sun,
And the universal stun;

In the darkness of night,
Your eyes filling mine with light;
In my moment less sadness,
Your eyes making it moment of happiness;

Mine and…..Your eyes off course,
Will meet at a desired source;
The magical effect of your blinking eyes,
And its radiant light would have darkness sufficed.


A shattered flower,
Down the tower;
With sad petals on the road,
Criss- crossing vehicles with heavy load;

Reflecting sadness of the boy,
Considering his heart like a toy;
By a girl of short anger,
Hung her calmness on the hanger;

The flower cried,
Why it was crushed and fried;
Between the girl and the boy,
In their own battle of troy;

A small girl on the way,
Picked the flower in one say;
Brought it to her nose,
And smelled the flower with little doze;

“Aaa-choo”-she sneezed,
The good mood of the girl ceased;
“My dear you are an allergen”-she said
And at the same place the flower was laid