Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to Home

I was returning back to my home,
In a wet drenching afternoon;
It was a long tour with a roam,
Of about forty days without monsoon;

In between the hot air blew,
Taking away the wetness all along;
The tress were waiting for the dew,
But I walked ahead for one hour long;

The bag was heavy with muscles stretched,
The head was down with my destiny ahead;
I walked on the line which was sketched,
On the road of distress with dryness spread;

Last I reached the front of my gate,
Half open and half closed was its state;
Dry Gulmohar leaves welcomed the mate,
With a sashay I entered my estate;

The dry leaves came in my way,
To make sound full of complains;
The door just stood with nothing to say,
The plants quenched with thirst waiting for rains;

I took the key and entered the lock,
To enter the house with a low sound;
To my goodness I was on a shock,
The whole house cried with a wound;

The black dust covered the floor,
The spider’s web blocked the way;
The damp smell danced with a roll,
The atmosphere was worst to say;

I was astonished to see sparrows nest,
It was hung on the fan’s blade;
The birds built their home at their best,
They dropped me in trouble with their eggs laid;

I walked forward to get more surprises,
Just turned around to see kitchen’s extremes;
I thought to make many compromises,
When I saw nothing in streams;

I was frightened to see red blood on the floor,
To my surprise it was only wine red;
The monkeys just played their role;
And after playing their game they just fled;

The plates were thrown all here and there,
The bird’s feathers were floating all over;
The fungus built on the left bread layer by layer,
Nothing was at its place and time passed slower;

I kept my hands on my head,
To think what to do and how to do;
With end of the tour what time had lead;
The whole house was caught in the flu.

Just then I heard a droplet falling,
It was the first drop of rain;
Along with it came other droplets sailing,
They all gathered outside the lane;

I forgot every thing and went to dance,
In the outside rain with the showers on;
It was just like a cool romance,
And with this all my tension had gone.

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