Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank You

It’s not a “thank you”,
But a “thank you”;
It’s not a word,
But a harmless sword;
It’s not a voice,
But a feeling nice;
For understanding me,
An act of holding me;
For drinking my tears,
Saying it sweet without fears;
Although sour,
Slippery and added more n more;
It’s a slow moving arrow,
Neither fast nor furious fellow;
It’s an organ-ic fluid,
Flowing through the lip-py lucid;
The way,
I say;
Slips through the ears,
Caresses your heart’s and near;
Increasing your lub dubs,
Decreasing your dub lubs;
Once again,
With no loss and full gain;
I say,
In my way;
A thank you,
Oh! I love you;
But remember,
Oh! Dear;
It’s not a “thank you”,
But a “thank you”.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Night's Charm

One moon one star,
Sometime close sometime far;
Moon- full half quarter,
Star- twinkling sparking laughter;

Moonless night,
Still some light;
Blinking plane crosses the orion,
Like on a black paper a marking crayon;

The milky way,
The galactic lay;
The hemispherical tent,
Above the earth's vent;

Some pulsars,
Some quasars;
A red giant-one star,
And white dwarf another star;

Burning meteorites,
Flashing asteroids;
Making wishes,
Converting into ashes;

Hope on,
So on,
The night's charm,
Enjoying it is no harm.