Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Rainy Campaign

Little little there is rain,
All my efforts are in vain;
Water flows in the lane,
I see the people walking in pain;

The water splashes with a stain,
From great height energy it gain,
It falls on us like needles of chain;
I ride my bike with a strain;

Many people have complain,
The rains delay flights of plane;
They also hamper the tracks of train,
The fallen trees are lifted with crane;

The water slips over the terrain,
I saw them when I was in Ukraine;
At some places it is beneficial for grain,
But what to do if Iam in Bahrain;

Gradually it has affected my brain,
It has made me fully insane;
As if I have drunk much champagne,
To lost my control really certain;

I have ceased everything to attain,
There is no one here to explain;
I wanted to reach the destination main,
Now I want to go to Spain;

But there it was really difficult to sustain,
I returned back to India’s fountain;
To see the water falls of mountain,
Like this in last I ended my campaign.

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