Friday, July 11, 2008

On the Way to Destiny

One tries to write that he is right,
But the paper is white and the ink is light;

One tries to get the real delight,
By searching the truth lying beside;

Though the way is long with sorrows at night,
But he will reach the destination at height;

The trees are green left & right in line,
But they follow a little curved spline;

The time runs fast and clock shows nine,
The fierce animals activate ready for a fight;

The air blows slowly with every thing fine,
Something strange may happen; the heart is in fright;

The sound is mixed with such a hype,
He will reach the place, may be or might;

The eyes are red with fear at site,
But eyes have nothing like such in sight.

Long after moon came with light,
The path was clear & he became a knight;

The destination was reached with every thing finalized,
And he held the cup with a great sigh.

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