Monday, August 18, 2008

Horse and the Beggar

The night rose and the evening departed,
The silence grew and the darkness started;
There lay a beggar with his bowl,
The street lighted yellow without any soul;

To some distance there stood a horse,
It was his luck or was a mores;
His neck was tied with a rope to the pole,
And he just thought about his role;

The wind blew the beggar’s bowl,
It reached to the horse with a howl;
The beggar just opened his eyes,
And the horse just lifted his head likewise;

The horse touched the bowl with his mouth,
The beggar looked him from the south;
Horse didn’t find anything for his empty belly,
His eyes were filled with a teary jelly;

The beggar rose from his place,
He went somewhere and emptied the space;
To leave all alone the scarlet horse,
In the sleazy night which changed it’s course;

The night reached its ultimate brim,
By traveling over the time’s shining rim;
It was waiting to fall in eternity,
To leave everyone in its fraternity;

At last, before dawn, the beggar returned,
With horse bean in his hand and some concerned;
“Eat my dear as hungry you are”,
“I have brought this for you from too much far”;

The beggar said, and patted his head,
The smitten horse ate his daily bread;
The horse thanked him with his eyes,
The beggar seemed to him as angel in disguise;

After the dinner, the horse offered him a ride,
Just to gallop with him on the street road wide;
The beggar accepted his offer and occupied his back,
To see the long and grayish track;

Today also, when the night is dark,
And the street light is yellow without any spark;
You can find the lying beggar and the standing horse,
In the streets of loneliness, without any remorse

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