Friday, July 11, 2008


I know you would be there,
Within me in my heart I go where ever;
From misty grasses to thorny deserts,
I would perish in your silent concerts;

Next would be the shining sky,
Where you would assist me to fly;
The feathers just grayish white,
Crossing the clouds at distant height;

The sea just looks so much silent,
The weather may turn it angry and violent;
I would firmly sail my ships across,
With you I know there would be no loss;

You are the green leaf and I am a mist drop,
Don’t let me go like a slippery flop;
I would cover myself with your greens,
To camouflage me in the beautiful scenes;

I want to be the particle of the dust,
You be the wind of utmost trust;
Just drop me on the cushions of sand;
So that I can be the part of this mighty land;

More over there could be any possibility;
But I well know also my responsibility;
Please don’t forget me any where any time;
Just like a poem with a beautiful rhyme.

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