Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Are Friends

I saw him,
Running on the road;
Bare Footed,
Unbounded hairs,
Rolling a cycle’s rim,
With a wooden stick.
The rim rolled faster,
He was left behind,
On the road-lonely, distressed, waiting,
For someone to hold the moving rim,
Just like his life-rolling, moving, and roving.
I looked,
With my hidden efforts,
With a love in my eyes,
For that boy, watching,
Looking at me with hopeful eyes,
Asking to hold him, in the times,
Times of happiness and sadness,
Times of pain and relief,
I ran and stopped the rim,
With a scratch in my palms,
Quite red, but not that red,
Quite harsh, but not that harsh,
I saw a beautiful smile on his face,
Not quite beautiful, but very beautiful,
Not for some time, but for a longer one,
He came near me,
With thanks in his eyes and so on his lips,
And in the voice, he said-Thanks friend,
He saw my palms, still some red,
He felt the scratches, still some harsh,
And regretted with a white scintillating,
Flowing with reasons,
A drop of tear, just for me,
Just so fresh, like the morning dew,
He rubbed on the scratches,
And tried to remove them,
From my palms, But,
I held his hands with mine,
And shaking them,
I said, Don’t Worry dear,
We are Friends.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Oh! Baby,
I see a dream in your sleepy eyes,
Your little lips opening and closing,
The cute hands rubbing the eyes,

Oh! Sleep please come,
For my small one,
She waits, she longs,
For you, for your depth,
For the sweet little dream.

A sweet dream for my sweetie,
More sweeter than honey,
Away from sours, away from dark,
But also not bright,
Or she could open the eyes,
And lose the dream, away from sleep.

Oh! Daddy,
My eyes are closed,
But I still see you,
In my sleeps, in my dreams,
Playing with you, giggling,
Running at the butterflies,
On my small legs, still on the bed,
How, I don’t know.

Oh! Daddy,
Do you see the same dream?
Hugging, loving and smiling,
Making me jump from your arms,
In the soft bed of air,
The air in dreams,
Free from reality,
Still so fresh, still so calm.

Oh! Baby,
It’s a lovely dream,
It’s free from human actions,
On the earth, on the environment,
On the animals and on the humans,
Just see, don’t tell,
The only thing remaining,
This is pure, which is true,
Although an illusion.

Oh! Sleep,
Please don’t go,
From my baby’s eyes,
Let her sleep, let her dream,
Let her play, let her desire,
Let her wish, let it come true,
Happy in sleeps, happy in her dreams.

Oh! Baby,
You continue,
I will join you soon,
And play with you, run with you,
Sleeping on beds,
Sharing the same dream,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just See! Just Say! Don’t Do

Just see! Those faint eyes,
And in them the hidden sighs;
Not straight but a curved bend,
Her body-black and dark without mend;

Just ready to fall,
One more step and stall;
She tries to head,
Towards unknown destiny ahead;

Hands hanging with no motion,
Hairs with white and black notion;
Her sari unready to cover,
The broken body like tree without flower;

The belly stuck inside and concave,
Smoke mixed with heat and windy rave;
Touched her body and pushed her ahead,
On the footpath with dust fed;

Just see! Me myself and my eyes,
Covered with spectacles of undulated lies;
Sitting straight with comfort in car,
Far away from the road’s war;

Just ready to fall,
One teary drop from my eyes and stall;
My driver waits for the green signal,
I worry if that woman is rational;

My hands kept on my thighs,
Covered by Raymond pant of fitting size;
My hairs black adjusted with gel,
And my fit body and all’s well;

My belly bulged outside and convex,
In the AC car with a symbol of X;
The cool air caresses my face,
My shoes shining with tightened lace;

Just See! Don’t feel that miserable woman’s life,
The Mother, the daughter, the sister and the wife;
Just See! With tears and say something,
Don’t do; just pass with no human linking.