Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Turn

Whenever you take a turn,

Think about me,

That how you met me,

On a turn similar.

With hands in hands,

With the same familiarity,

I chanted your name,

With a silent voice.

Sometimes with rage,

And sometimes with a smile,

Sometimes with sadness,

And sometimes with happiness,

We walked together.

But then two turns on the road came,

One left and one right,

But both met at the same road after some distance.

On left one there were mango trees,

And on the right one, the tamarind trees,

We parted to different turns,

Thinking to meet on the common road ahead,

Me with mangoes and you with tamarinds.

Seasons changed and so the nights and days,

Mangoes and Tamarind went away from trees,

But I still stand on the common road,

With some ripe mangoes and some unripe ones,

I search you with some anger

And with some eagerness.

It fades away and then clears,

The turn never turns,

It remains there.

Whenever you take a turn,

Think about me,

That how you met me,

On a turn similar.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Bowl of Happiness

One night I had a dream,
I saw a beggar child,
He walked & collected tears,
Of other persons in his bowl.
He came to me
“Please cry”, he said,
With his bowl near my eyes.
“Why do you collect tears”, I asked,
“Actually I collect happiness”, he said.
“How”, I asked,
He replied, “People cry & their sadness lessens down”,
“I want to make this whole world happy”, he continued.
“And how do you get happiness out of this”, I asked.
“If the whole world is happy, why I will be sad”, he said.
His bowl was full,
And my dream was complete.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 Kisses

This season,

I have something for someone;

It’s sweet, pretty and simple,

For someone lovely, cute and nimble;

When the flowers will blossom,

And the air will be awesome;

It will evolve from my lips,

And will land on someone cheeks;

I know someone’s waiting,

Day and night someone’s longing;

Watching the sunrise and the sunset,

Asking the bird’s about the fate;

Twenty five seasons have passed,

And l have twenty five kisses crisscrossed;

Sweet, pretty and simple kisses with reason,

Twenty five kisses-A kiss for every season

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Units of Love

If love would have been measured in ton,
How others would have expressed it to their loved one;
People would have said-“although love has no limits,
But definitely it has some units”;

“I know you love me, but how many ton”,
The girl would ask, making the boy stun;
The boy would answer, “I love you thousand ton”,
And the girl would say, “I love you one more ton”;

The girl would ask “Priya’s boy friend loves her 1 lakh ton,
And you love me only thousand ton”;
The boy would have replied, “They don’t know love’s value,
They weigh love as if it was a golden statue”;

The boy would propose that he loves the girl,
“How many ton”, she would ask with a swirl;
The boy would answer, “One thousand ton”,
And the girl would decline, “Oh! I don’t agree below one lakh ton”;

“Day by day you have to love me one more ton”,
The girl would demand her boyfriend, making its fun;
The boy would say, “Only this, why not”,
Next day, “Show me how love has increased” the girl fought;

So, I think and you must be thinking,
There should be no unit of love and its linking;
So, people should say-“Neither love has limits,
Nor it has any units”

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I Have Grown?

Oh! Father,

Oh! Mother,

Why I have grown,

From small to big,

It’s so fast,

These thirty years,

Still in my eyes,

I see you,

I feel you,

Like the past days,

I want to sleep beside you,

With my small legs on your stomach,

With my small hands across your neck,

I want to laugh,

I want to giggle,

With my eyes closed,

And rolling between you both,

I was so secure,

On one side were you, Oh! Father,

And on the other side were you, Oh! Mother,

And in between was I,

Holding your fingers,

Safely walking,

Something talking and laughing,

In my own ways,

You were shade in the sun rays,

I can still bear your slaps,

Although I have become so weak,

Without them and the love after that,

Once again,

I want to be small,

Stupid and tiny,

Living with you,

And only you,

Please, Oh! Father,

Please, Oh! Mother.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love Notes

Lure me & love me,
Oh my dear, oh my honey;
Catch me & kiss me,
Bending on the Knee;

The time is passing,
The mangoes are ripening;
Don’t let the time go,
Eat the fruits in a single go;

So many rains have passed,
I am a still dry surpassed;
Let me or wet me,
Quench my thirst, from your sea;

Day ahead, you will not regret,
I promise, without any bet;
When there will be rains, you will think,
How we loved, you will smile & wink;

Lure me & love me,
Oh my dear, oh my honey;
Catch me & kiss me,
Bending on the Knee.

Don't Leave

For you, I will sing a song,
Full of melodious filaments;
With you, I will live long,
Full of happiest moments;

But please, don’t leave me,
As I will be alone;
For you, I can stand entire life on my knee,
From you, But can’t stay forlorn;

The season changed,
So the day and night;
But I will remain unchanged,
For you, always like glorious light;

So, let’s live this life together as one,
And the life after death too;
For there too, I will sing for you and none,
Please promise, you will not leave me there too

Monday, April 5, 2010

Moon & Dove

The first night the married moon,
Had the desires to fulfil soon;
To hug, to love,
To hold her wife dove;

In the light of melodious moon,
Floating in air, dove arose above lagoon;
With a lightning smile,
As if showering in the bluish Nile;

Moon said-Oh!dovy,
Dove said-Oh!lovy;
The moon was at its full brightness,
And dove with little smiling shyness;

The air, the breath,
The fragrance, the faith;
With closed eyes-moon tried,
With closed lips-dove smiled;

Kissing, hissing,
and subtly missing;
Each other,
Lost in one another;

The night darkened,
The moon shortened;
From full to half and quarter,
The dove losing her laughter;

They departed with a promise,
When moon is full, dove would rise;
They will spend the 2nd,3rd and forthcoming nights,
Loving, Rising and smiling at heights

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Undulating they roll,
Down to stroll;
Kissing the cheeks,
Marking some streaks;

Like tiny pearls,
Emerging with swirls;
Like glittering diamonds,
Refracting color with reasons;

The reason of joyful happiness,
The reason of sorrowful sadness;
From lacrimating eye,
They just don't lie.

The smiling/crying tears,
Crossing the lips without fears;
Giving their taste-sweet/sour,
Taking your burden on a tour

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank You

It’s not a “thank you”,
But a “thank you”;
It’s not a word,
But a harmless sword;
It’s not a voice,
But a feeling nice;
For understanding me,
An act of holding me;
For drinking my tears,
Saying it sweet without fears;
Although sour,
Slippery and added more n more;
It’s a slow moving arrow,
Neither fast nor furious fellow;
It’s an organ-ic fluid,
Flowing through the lip-py lucid;
The way,
I say;
Slips through the ears,
Caresses your heart’s and near;
Increasing your lub dubs,
Decreasing your dub lubs;
Once again,
With no loss and full gain;
I say,
In my way;
A thank you,
Oh! I love you;
But remember,
Oh! Dear;
It’s not a “thank you”,
But a “thank you”.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Night's Charm

One moon one star,
Sometime close sometime far;
Moon- full half quarter,
Star- twinkling sparking laughter;

Moonless night,
Still some light;
Blinking plane crosses the orion,
Like on a black paper a marking crayon;

The milky way,
The galactic lay;
The hemispherical tent,
Above the earth's vent;

Some pulsars,
Some quasars;
A red giant-one star,
And white dwarf another star;

Burning meteorites,
Flashing asteroids;
Making wishes,
Converting into ashes;

Hope on,
So on,
The night's charm,
Enjoying it is no harm.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Last Second

I saw the last second pausing,
In the blinking of her eyes,
I saw the last second stopping,
In falling of tears of small size,

It was the last second,
Time stopped due to that,
It was the end,
Tears dried, her eyes closed and mine opened after that,

Minute was incomplete without the last second,
The clock remained dull,
Hour was incomplete without the last second,
Both the clock hands remained lull,

I saw 59 seconds passing,
Trying to convert into minute,
She embraced me in those second’s crossings,
But left me in the last second’s cut;

It was sleep not death,
But so similar as 1 minute to 60 second,
It was laughter not wrath,
But the brain dies in both for the last second,

I asked the last second,
Why do you make minute and hour?
She answered in a second,
It’s you, not me, who make life happy or sour.