Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fruity Memories

Those Scattered Memories,
Down the strawberry Lane,
Marinated in Ripe Guavas,
Unwrapped like banana peels,
And I walked on them,
And fell in the mango juice.
I whirled with those memories,
I drank those memories,
And now again they mesmerize me,
Flowing in my veins,
Those fruity memories,
Those flowing memories.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The shore of my life

Alone! Alas! Aloof!
I stay forlorn,
From Shore away,
Waiting, Thinking and Waiting,
For the moment,
Once in a while,
She gives a smile,
On her red lips of rosy style,
The blue eyed girl of Nile.
The rhythm of my heart,
Gets balanced,
And so,
The waves of the sea,
And I find,
The shore of my life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Kajal is a hindi word which means Kohl (-an eye cosmetic) in English

In her love,
Burnt he,
Years to years,
Into ashes,
Again & again,
Ashes to ashes.
And then,
He resurrected,
Taking the form,
Of burnt ashes,
To the black kajal,
Of her eyes.
Hearing his story,
She wept,
Cried & cried,
Tears washed him,
The Kajal swept away,
With tears,
On her face,
Marking streamlines,
Of love,
Of desire,
Of waiting,
Of Burning,
And converting,
Into Kajal,
Of her Eyes

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Red Balloon

When my heart,
Completed beating,
Three Years,
Two Months,
One day;
An evening,
A red balloon landed,
On a red rose near me;
And before I could,
Catch it,
The rose thorns,
Kissed it;
And exploded,
A girl’s heart,
Which had taken,
The balloons form;
And had exactly beat,
Flying towards me,
Three Years,
Two Months,
One day.

Am I Dumb?

In front of mirror I stood,
And asked my image,
Can you speak?
He moved,
His lips & tongue,
And asked me the same question.
Either he was dumb or I was.

Sweetness of Adulthood

We adore,
We miss,
That sweetness,
Of the childhood days.
But when?
When we are adults,
Not when we were child.
This is the sweetness of adulthood,
That makes us realize,
The sweetness of childhood.

Friday, February 4, 2011


He peeps from his eyes,
Silently smiles,
Touches my feet,
With his feet,
Watches me,
Follows me,
With his legs,
Sometimes long,
Sometimes short,
He is dark in moon light,
And black in darkness,
His body has a uniform color,
Sometimes he scares me,
Like grumbling ghosts,
He cries,
But silently,
With tears of dry vapor,
I never understand,
Why he is with me?
But I know,
I can’t get rid of him,
He is my shadow,
And I am his wodahs.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am with You

In the ocean of my mind,

With some sadness sailing,

Igniting my emotions,

Melted my frozen eyes.

I felt a warm kiss,

Of a cold tear,

On my palms.

The fallen tear smiled,

And with love,

Said, dear don’t cry,

I am with you.

Morning Moon

The morning moon,
White washed,
By the blackness of night.
Its yellowness,
Scratched by stars,
Whole night.
Whole day,
It faces the sun,
And turns yellow again,
On the arrival of night.

Love with Rain

In heated moods,
Behind the woods;
Stream of relieve flows,
An air, somewhat wet blows;

My sweat leaves me,
Says bye bye, just feel me;
Air takes it away,
Relieving me a bit, somewhat cooler to say;

I come out from the room,
Down the dark sky with cloudy noon;
Water dropping in series,
Loving me from head to knees;

Water & soil’s combination,
Gives fragrance to my nose’s hibernation;
Leaves turning immodest green,
Woods turning fat from lean;

Flickering tube lights in the sky,
Naughty clouds roaring & asking why;
Why not should we hug & collide,
Giving you tears of happiness in rainy ride;

A drop of rain touches my lips,
Kisses me with cool sips;
I widen my arms & hug the rain,
Closing my eyes I love the rain.

Monday, January 17, 2011

She Left Me....

She left me, without a prior notice that night,

She flee, without writing on paper that night,

I looked for her everywhere in house,

I called her, I screamed here n there that night,

She did not come in front of my eyes,

I lay blind on the bed that night,

My heart beat in her memories with droplets of blood,

My heart felt her in its heart that night,

I can still see her beauty,

I can feel her tenderness tonight,

I can still smell her fragrance,

I can hear her delicate sweet voice tonight,

I still remember her sleekness,

My body is locked with curves of her body tonight,

Her lips, her eyes, I miss,

I miss her long black hairs tonight,

I still remember her words,

“You never remember anything”, she said that night,

Yes, it was my fault,

I could have noted everything on paper, that night,

Thus, from that instant,

I started noting my *Ghazals that night,

I stared decorating blank papers,

With those beautiful Ghazals, that night.

(*Ghazal is a poetry that deals with subject of love,

specifically an unattainable love)

I don’t know,

If that Ghazal will return or not tonight,

But with my pen, I will wait for her,

In my diary of dreams, tonight.