Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I Have Grown?

Oh! Father,

Oh! Mother,

Why I have grown,

From small to big,

It’s so fast,

These thirty years,

Still in my eyes,

I see you,

I feel you,

Like the past days,

I want to sleep beside you,

With my small legs on your stomach,

With my small hands across your neck,

I want to laugh,

I want to giggle,

With my eyes closed,

And rolling between you both,

I was so secure,

On one side were you, Oh! Father,

And on the other side were you, Oh! Mother,

And in between was I,

Holding your fingers,

Safely walking,

Something talking and laughing,

In my own ways,

You were shade in the sun rays,

I can still bear your slaps,

Although I have become so weak,

Without them and the love after that,

Once again,

I want to be small,

Stupid and tiny,

Living with you,

And only you,

Please, Oh! Father,

Please, Oh! Mother.

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