Monday, April 5, 2010

Moon & Dove

The first night the married moon,
Had the desires to fulfil soon;
To hug, to love,
To hold her wife dove;

In the light of melodious moon,
Floating in air, dove arose above lagoon;
With a lightning smile,
As if showering in the bluish Nile;

Moon said-Oh!dovy,
Dove said-Oh!lovy;
The moon was at its full brightness,
And dove with little smiling shyness;

The air, the breath,
The fragrance, the faith;
With closed eyes-moon tried,
With closed lips-dove smiled;

Kissing, hissing,
and subtly missing;
Each other,
Lost in one another;

The night darkened,
The moon shortened;
From full to half and quarter,
The dove losing her laughter;

They departed with a promise,
When moon is full, dove would rise;
They will spend the 2nd,3rd and forthcoming nights,
Loving, Rising and smiling at heights

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