Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Units of Love

If love would have been measured in ton,
How others would have expressed it to their loved one;
People would have said-“although love has no limits,
But definitely it has some units”;

“I know you love me, but how many ton”,
The girl would ask, making the boy stun;
The boy would answer, “I love you thousand ton”,
And the girl would say, “I love you one more ton”;

The girl would ask “Priya’s boy friend loves her 1 lakh ton,
And you love me only thousand ton”;
The boy would have replied, “They don’t know love’s value,
They weigh love as if it was a golden statue”;

The boy would propose that he loves the girl,
“How many ton”, she would ask with a swirl;
The boy would answer, “One thousand ton”,
And the girl would decline, “Oh! I don’t agree below one lakh ton”;

“Day by day you have to love me one more ton”,
The girl would demand her boyfriend, making its fun;
The boy would say, “Only this, why not”,
Next day, “Show me how love has increased” the girl fought;

So, I think and you must be thinking,
There should be no unit of love and its linking;
So, people should say-“Neither love has limits,
Nor it has any units”

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