Monday, January 17, 2011

She Left Me....

She left me, without a prior notice that night,

She flee, without writing on paper that night,

I looked for her everywhere in house,

I called her, I screamed here n there that night,

She did not come in front of my eyes,

I lay blind on the bed that night,

My heart beat in her memories with droplets of blood,

My heart felt her in its heart that night,

I can still see her beauty,

I can feel her tenderness tonight,

I can still smell her fragrance,

I can hear her delicate sweet voice tonight,

I still remember her sleekness,

My body is locked with curves of her body tonight,

Her lips, her eyes, I miss,

I miss her long black hairs tonight,

I still remember her words,

“You never remember anything”, she said that night,

Yes, it was my fault,

I could have noted everything on paper, that night,

Thus, from that instant,

I started noting my *Ghazals that night,

I stared decorating blank papers,

With those beautiful Ghazals, that night.

(*Ghazal is a poetry that deals with subject of love,

specifically an unattainable love)

I don’t know,

If that Ghazal will return or not tonight,

But with my pen, I will wait for her,

In my diary of dreams, tonight.

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