Friday, January 28, 2011

Love with Rain

In heated moods,
Behind the woods;
Stream of relieve flows,
An air, somewhat wet blows;

My sweat leaves me,
Says bye bye, just feel me;
Air takes it away,
Relieving me a bit, somewhat cooler to say;

I come out from the room,
Down the dark sky with cloudy noon;
Water dropping in series,
Loving me from head to knees;

Water & soil’s combination,
Gives fragrance to my nose’s hibernation;
Leaves turning immodest green,
Woods turning fat from lean;

Flickering tube lights in the sky,
Naughty clouds roaring & asking why;
Why not should we hug & collide,
Giving you tears of happiness in rainy ride;

A drop of rain touches my lips,
Kisses me with cool sips;
I widen my arms & hug the rain,
Closing my eyes I love the rain.

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