Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Eyes

Off course……Your eyes,
Really...really big in size;
Like one of a baby dear,
Running far- n- then coming near;

Sometimes hazel,
So cool- n- well;
Many times blue,
My sight sticks like glue;

The flowing air,
Vibrating your eyelids,
Up-n- down jumping like kids;

The moon-n-star,
In your eyes deep-n-far;
The planets-n-sun,
And the universal stun;

In the darkness of night,
Your eyes filling mine with light;
In my moment less sadness,
Your eyes making it moment of happiness;

Mine and…..Your eyes off course,
Will meet at a desired source;
The magical effect of your blinking eyes,
And its radiant light would have darkness sufficed.



for whom u hav written this, i mean, whose eyes u r talking about ...
is it... ????...hehe

Anees said...

Ha ha hmmm,well, this is just a general one. I havent really written this on a particular person.
The one which I have written for a particular person was just-"My Lost Rose"
Let me see which would be the next one specially for her.
But it would not be bad if I tell her that this one desribes her eyes.


Not bad at all, gift her and tell her that this one is written for u, she will definitly like this poem.

Arun Kumar said...

The eyes are very very beautiful if you are in search of those charming eyes then you are losing time in writing go and catch and touch those eyes.

I like the pic with so cute eyes that I forgot to read the whole poem.