Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A shattered flower,
Down the tower;
With sad petals on the road,
Criss- crossing vehicles with heavy load;

Reflecting sadness of the boy,
Considering his heart like a toy;
By a girl of short anger,
Hung her calmness on the hanger;

The flower cried,
Why it was crushed and fried;
Between the girl and the boy,
In their own battle of troy;

A small girl on the way,
Picked the flower in one say;
Brought it to her nose,
And smelled the flower with little doze;

“Aaa-choo”-she sneezed,
The good mood of the girl ceased;
“My dear you are an allergen”-she said
And at the same place the flower was laid



hahaha.. nice yaar ..u described the mental element of flower because of broken heart of a boy due to never understanding gals, and dump it on the ground.
hmm...I think we should have to care of that flower, because of which it became allergic...

Anees said...

Ya Farry, you are rite. Its no one fault. Neither boy's nor the flower's. The girl could have understood the situation, the immense love of the boy for which he gifted her the flower.
But alas,poor flower became the victim.