Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just See! Just Say! Don’t Do

Just see! Those faint eyes,
And in them the hidden sighs;
Not straight but a curved bend,
Her body-black and dark without mend;

Just ready to fall,
One more step and stall;
She tries to head,
Towards unknown destiny ahead;

Hands hanging with no motion,
Hairs with white and black notion;
Her sari unready to cover,
The broken body like tree without flower;

The belly stuck inside and concave,
Smoke mixed with heat and windy rave;
Touched her body and pushed her ahead,
On the footpath with dust fed;

Just see! Me myself and my eyes,
Covered with spectacles of undulated lies;
Sitting straight with comfort in car,
Far away from the road’s war;

Just ready to fall,
One teary drop from my eyes and stall;
My driver waits for the green signal,
I worry if that woman is rational;

My hands kept on my thighs,
Covered by Raymond pant of fitting size;
My hairs black adjusted with gel,
And my fit body and all’s well;

My belly bulged outside and convex,
In the AC car with a symbol of X;
The cool air caresses my face,
My shoes shining with tightened lace;

Just See! Don’t feel that miserable woman’s life,
The Mother, the daughter, the sister and the wife;
Just See! With tears and say something,
Don’t do; just pass with no human linking.

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