Friday, May 22, 2009


Oh! Baby,
I see a dream in your sleepy eyes,
Your little lips opening and closing,
The cute hands rubbing the eyes,

Oh! Sleep please come,
For my small one,
She waits, she longs,
For you, for your depth,
For the sweet little dream.

A sweet dream for my sweetie,
More sweeter than honey,
Away from sours, away from dark,
But also not bright,
Or she could open the eyes,
And lose the dream, away from sleep.

Oh! Daddy,
My eyes are closed,
But I still see you,
In my sleeps, in my dreams,
Playing with you, giggling,
Running at the butterflies,
On my small legs, still on the bed,
How, I don’t know.

Oh! Daddy,
Do you see the same dream?
Hugging, loving and smiling,
Making me jump from your arms,
In the soft bed of air,
The air in dreams,
Free from reality,
Still so fresh, still so calm.

Oh! Baby,
It’s a lovely dream,
It’s free from human actions,
On the earth, on the environment,
On the animals and on the humans,
Just see, don’t tell,
The only thing remaining,
This is pure, which is true,
Although an illusion.

Oh! Sleep,
Please don’t go,
From my baby’s eyes,
Let her sleep, let her dream,
Let her play, let her desire,
Let her wish, let it come true,
Happy in sleeps, happy in her dreams.

Oh! Baby,
You continue,
I will join you soon,
And play with you, run with you,
Sleeping on beds,
Sharing the same dream,

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