Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Else Loves Me?

One night,
Lying on the bed,
I questioned,
Who else loves me?
Else than my family & friends.
I thought,
I blinked,
Just I felt a prick,
On my skin near the heart.
An ant kissed me,
In passion.
And many were in queue,
Not to kiss me,
But to spurt in the sweet box.
Then I realized,
They loved not me,
But the sweets.
Removing the sweet box,
I tried to trace their origin.
They emerged from,
An invisible hole in the roof,
Followed one path,
Came to ate sweets,
And returned back to the hole,
Through a different path.
I concentrated on the roof,
I found a heart on the roof,
Traced by series of ants,
And it beat too.
And then I came to know,
Who else loves me?

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