Friday, October 23, 2009

My Beloved

One day on blue morning,
With an examiner mischief she asked-
“Admire your beloved”
With more mischief,
I started,
Oh! What to say about her,
She is like a winter’s fur,
And hotter than May’s stir,
She receded,
I proceeded,
God! She has more beauty,
Just like Januarys tweedy,
She started showing her ego’s size,
Unable to hide her foiling eyes,
I continued,
And her interest discontinued;
Oh! She is a blooming flower,
Of spring seasoning shower,
She is a cloud over the sun,
Shady, wady in the rainy season,

With more admiration,
I walked ahead with more assumption,
Oh! She is the lilies delicate scent,
An incarnation of virgin fairy, I meant,
Now it was the limit,
I being a bit timid,
I ended up the game,
When she asked her name,
I answered,
Dear, it’s your soul,
It’s humble, pure with no foul,
And that is my beloved,
My answer was a boffo with lift,
She gave me a clinching gift,
Oh! My beloved, I love you, she said,
And the examinee passed with 1st div, honors added.

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