Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walking With Closed Eyes

One day I walked,
On a straight n long lonely road;
To myself I just talked,
With closed eyes I just rode;

A bright darkness I was engulfed in,
But not that bright to support the vision;
A short term blindness due sin,
A fear of diverting without precision;

The coolest air of that time,
Unfolded on my face;
The lavish banyan tree to climb,
On its own branches like lace;

The half moon lit mid night,
Not that half but somewhat three fourth;
The sound of surroundings in the yellow light,
The stars some far and some closer in north;

On my left there were silver birches,
And on the right the eucalyptus touching the sky;
Further I found a divine lady in my searches,
Lost in the white marble and somewhat shy;

I opened my closed eyes,
To see the extent of imaginative reality;
And existence of those truthful sighs,
Through the mind’s vitality;

I found everything same,
Except that white marbled lady;
She was no where with her flame,
I searched the whole place under shady;

Today also, when I close my eyes,
And walk on a road-straight and lonely;
I can feel, I can see that white sculptor-my prize,
And I continue to walk with closed eyes-only.

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