Sunday, April 5, 2009

Iam Dying.....

Oh! Ye people,
Of the earth;
Listen from steeple,
My crying-is it any worth?

In the corner,
I lie, with scared eyes;
Like a mourner,
Of myself- with no hidden lies;

I run, I slip,
I again rise;
I cry due whip,
Is this-my ego’s size?

I open one eye, I see left,
Followed by the other and then right;
I see myself vanishing, I see the theft,
The inside is black with covering white;

Someone has tied,
Me with emotional rope;
Please stop, please listen-I never lied,
I am dying without any hope;

Oh! Ye people,
Of the earth;
Just peep from steeple,
Inside you- find the dearth;

I am missing,
From you, and yours;
Friends and foes- left just hissing,
Like snake, ready for biting sours;

Some of you just see,
And some just say,
But yours heart is like-wee;
I don’t know where I lay;

The black dots,
Of sin;
Have covered you lots,
And I lie in a transparent bin;

I was, I am, but don’t know,
If I will or not;
In the future of fake glow,
I am dying between past and future’s knot;

Oh! Ye people,
Of the earth;
Get down from steeple,
And come on earth;

Please think,
About me, about my past;
Just see, don’t blink;
About you and yours future’s last;

The generations yet to come,
Yet to smile or cry- it’s your wish;
Shall they read the history of honesty-some,
Or they will say- was truth some stinking fish;

The manipulation of my self into changed version,
The bitter truth of sweet lies;
Like leaving the original, just following the diversion,
Just illuming wideness, but narrow in size;

Oh! Ye people-find me, where Iam lying,
Oh! Ye people-find yourself, where do you lie;
Oh! Ye people-save me, Iam dying,
Oh! Ye people-save yourself, or you will die.

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