Monday, March 30, 2009

A Fallen Leaf

A fallen Leaf,
On my palms;
Due to earth’s heave,
Before spring, when winter calms;

I am under the tree,
A lonely boy;
Soiled hands in earth’s sea,
Planting the leafy toy;

Where is the water?
For the tender leaf;
I cry, and shatter,
The tears fall with relief;

I see the sun rise,
Tears flowing in the xylem;
From the lacrimation of eyes,
Salt replaces Sucrose in phloem;

I leave the place,
I leave the tiny leaf lonely;
In such a big space,
The tree and the leaf only;

Time passes-it appears,
How I don’t know;
Days, months to years,
I forgot the fallen leaf a time ago;

I am old,
The glasses don’t support my eye;
I go to the same place to unfold,
The reality, the existence of leaf, with sigh;

There’s no more leaf there,
I think it has become tree now days;
But confusion still prevails in air,
About the truth of leafy tree which lays,

A fruit hits my head and ran,
Rolled on the ground and stopped,
For me- the hungry old man,
I eat the fruit which the tree dropped;

I see, I feel the taste,
Of million tears dropped, and its essence;
From my eyes, his eyes, her eyes- not a waste,
Its sour, its salty, its not ripe-the fruit of adolescence;

I get the proof,
I get the price of my tears;
A fallen leaf - converting in tree like roof,
A fallen leaf- providing shelter for olden dears.

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